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Out Of Time But Not Out Of My Mind


Stop That Clock

I got up and got dressed

Is that all I really did today

I ate breakfast too

Now lunch already

If it wasn't for my wife

I know I wouldn't eat

I shaved

I just realized if you leave the shaving cream on your face longer

The razor shaves so much better

All this time I have been doing it wrong

I would put it on and shave it right off

I made the bed

Washed up a few dishes

Off to work

Can life be a never-ending things-to-do list?

I was hoping it was so much more

An exciting trip on a merry go round

Going around and around


DREAM ON (author) on April 15, 2021:

Chrish Canosa I hope you have as much fun with your dogs as I do enjoy hearing all about them. I picture them all in my mind. Licking your face and rolling over to have their belly rubbed. Animals are so special and they have a huge part in my heart. I have trouble with Charlotte I can imagine how much energy and time it requires to feed and take care of each one. How can you give so much attention to one when there are others who crave your love too? Maybe they all will jump on you at once. There way of giving you a big hug. Playfully not to hurt you. Lining up one by one to be patted more like an assembly line. Thank you for every smile. Have a lovely night. What classes are you taking online? What have you painted? I have tried painting in the past and it looked more like a paint spill and somebody has to clean up the mess. Keep doing what you love. You will get better and better. All our love from my wife and Charlotte and me. Bring out the best of every day. Even if it only the words hi to a neighbor passing by. Pleasant dreams.

DREAM ON (author) on April 15, 2021:

Devika Primic There are days that go well. Then some days all things break loose. Like the loose change in your pocket bouncing all around. You never know what end is up. It is so nice to see you. I am very happy in a difficult time when so many people are not. It is hard to feel so different and yet I have always felt this way. I think I feel I am always truly blessed. There are many things I want to accomplish and they have not worked out yet, one more iron and the fire I am waiting to see if that changes things. Hope you are doing great? I love your visits. Please tell me more about what you are up to? It is warm and wonderful to see old friends. I wish I was as organized as you think I am. There is always room for improvement. I keep writing to stay focused and on track. There are times I feel like a runaway train. Have a splendid night.

Chrish Canosa from Manila Philippines on April 12, 2021:

Thanks a lot Sir Dreamon for reminding me to play and just enjoy the life(wink), I'm now thinking obout it. Thank you. Dogs gave me so much happiness and so much love, it is so exhausting but I dont mind, I wanna see those little faces smiling at me everytime I open my eyes. I have online classes everyday too, I love painting, but I enjoyed more in baking. I will always keep those reminders in mind.lots of thank you! Have a super wonderful day ahead! Lots of love and hugs kisses to you fur baby. I wish you and your family a good health, always always. I'm going to sleep now my eyes is about to fall (chuckle)

Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on April 11, 2021:

DREAM ON hope all is well with you. It has been a while since I stopped by at your hubs. This is interesting and lots to do to keep occupied. I like that you are well-organized.

DREAM ON (author) on April 11, 2021:

BRENDA ARLEDGE It is the longest list I have ever seen. Then again there are so many changes in the list that can make it so special. We all have the things we have to do every day. Then we also have a secret list of things we dream about. Things we imagine we could do and make happen. That list is so difficult yet so exciting. Then there are new adjustments I make all the time. I change up the list. Instead of working from top to bottom sometimes I work from bottom to top. The other times skip it altogether. Make up a new list. I have gone without lists but I can easily lose focus and get too relaxed. If I have a list I can accomplish so much more. I see my goals and my dreams before my eyes. Thank you for reading and sharing so many good thoughts. I hope you have a great weekend. I am off to tackle a new list. We shall see how far that goes.

DREAM ON (author) on April 11, 2021:

Chrish Canosa I love the way you talked about your day. You are very busy. You still manage to do so much. Writing and reading is a wonderful way to capture the essence of life. Remember to have fun and hang out with friends and just have a good time. You will have plenty of time to get a job and later a career to do for the rest of your life. If you have fun and make everything a game you will never work a day in your life. Your happiness can trickle over to everything else you do. I like to think of a garden sprinkler. Little by little everything gets all wet. Enjoy all the little moments and your family and friends. I love animals so much. Seven dogs are a handful. Wow, I have trouble with one cat. Are you going to school? I see you love to cook. What are your favorite things you love to make? Thank you so much for sharing. I am trying to clean up our yard before I have to go to work. Have a lovely Sunday.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on April 08, 2021:

I think life is this never ending list...we do what we can

Chrish Canosa from Manila Philippines on April 08, 2021:

Good evening Sir dreamon, I usually wake up at 7am, I have seven dogs to take care of before my parents hahaha 3fmale and 4male, oh I did what you said, I made pancakes for breakfast and sunny side up, it wasn't perfect, the important is it isn't salty hahaha I'm also studying pastry so the pancake is perfect [wink] I need to clean my dogs room before anything else, removing the poop and everything [pardon if you're eating] then I clean the entire house. Our house isn't big, just enough for us. And I'm so blessed for that and for everything I have. Then it's time for breakfast the king and queen is awake the breakfast is ready[father wakes up earlier than I do, always] . After taking my meal, my dogs need to eat too. They're calling my name as if I haven't feed them for weeks. I need to be responsible for them because that's what I promise to mom. After the dog I clean my room and wash the dishes and then read books 'till lunch. I love sleeping after lunch, but most of the time I spend writing instead, thank goodness I have a friend who helps me to walk my children [dogs] everyday haha. The sunset was so beautiful to end the wonderful blessed day, and surprisingly will see each other once again by the day [wink]. Enjoy the rest of the day! Sir dreamon, say hi to your beautiful wife and to you fur baby. Wishing you all a good health, blessings and lots of love from us here.

DREAM ON (author) on April 08, 2021:

Chrish Canosa Every day can be a little bit different. Today my wife and I woke up at 5:30 in the morning and one thing led to another. An hour later we changed a light bulb in the kitchen we thought was out. It turns out it was one light bulb instead of two. It was just starting to burn out. Who knew? It was behind the light fixture we pulled down. We found some old dead bugs in the light. Watched the sun come up. There were a lot of positive little things that add up to our day. Thank you so much for reading and having a great attitude not just today but everytime you do something. I can't wait to here about your day too.

Chrish Canosa from Manila Philippines on April 05, 2021:

Thank you so much for all the best wishes Sir Dreamon!!! I wish it all bck and so many more to you and your family. Blessings and much love!!! I will always keep them in mind [wink].

DREAM ON (author) on April 05, 2021:

Peggy Woods I find the quiet times are special too. They give us time to reflect and bring out all the good in our life. I could live the rest of my life without something sad and still have plenty of good bad memories that I could never forget. Thank you so much for all your visits and your beautiful comments. A little rain here. I hope your day is sunny and bright.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on March 28, 2021:

Not every moment of every day is exciting, but that is probably good. We appreciate it more when those times arrive.

DREAM ON (author) on March 28, 2021:

Ann Carr I see many days that look the same on the outside. Then I pick them apart like chicken pecks at the same old birdseed. To everyone else, it is nothing special. The chicken thinks it's gold. It can peck and peck a little at a time. For hours on end. Never once complaining. Even coming back later to the same spot looking for more even if there is none. I have a teaspoon of honey a day. In the bottom of the jar it would tend to get hard and separate. So I would eat it and it was too much of something. Later I thought I would heat it back up. By putting the bottle of honey in hot water to bring it back to it's former state. Now months later I thougth of something else. I heated it up and added it to a small glass of water. Creating honey water. Not done yet. I put one spoonful of apple sauce in the water and shook it in a honey bottle. Now we have apple/honey water. MMmmmm and good for you. My wife won't try it. Maybe you could give it a try? Tell me what you think? I need a second opinion. (lol) I am a little biased to my ideas. I think they are good even if they are not. Off to work. Happy Sunday. Thank you for all your interesting and calming thoughts. They bring me back to my happy place.

Ann Carr from SW England on March 27, 2021:

It's so easy to get bogged down by the monotony of life but even in the smallest things there is purpose or humour or food for thought. Then when we've done the mundane we can write, and share things with loved ones and make the world a happier place, like you do!


DREAM ON (author) on March 26, 2021:

Chrish Canosa You have covered a lot of areas. I have been searching all my life for a little more happiness. Not for myself but to share with other people. Somehow they don't want it. As if it is a trick. You find the time to listen and I am speechless. Wishing you a world of success and most of all happiness you enjoy but make other people just by knowing you. Keep it up. You are fine just the way you are. I am being stared at by my cat Charlotte. If she could only talk. I would listen and once again I would try to tell the world. Very few people would listen. So we have to do it for ourselves and make a few other people happy too. Have a beautiful day. Do it your way. With extra love where needed.

Chrish Canosa from Manila Philippines on March 23, 2021:

I do love reading nonfiction from different author " they're almost all about personal development too " (old and new)my favorite author is " Ryan Holiday " he's awesome and practical! but I also read fictions and poetry's specially from William Blake. Oh I have virtual class everyday (sadly haha,) I don't want to disappoint you but I can't be a doctor cause I'm afraid of blood, even the word dissection scared me haha(thank you so much for the heartmelting message) whatever I become in a few years I'll promise to let you know (wink). You are very understood Sir Dream On, adolescence is almost critical but it's such a fun adventure! The drama makes it perfect hahaha

Exactly! Almost everyone don't like their job but they like whats in the job. (Wink) I will always keep those reminders/lessons in mind.

Lots lots of thank you !!!!

Hugs and kisses! Have a wonderful day ahead to you all wink wink.

DREAM ON (author) on March 21, 2021:

Chrish Canosa You certainly must of thought I left town. Two weeks later I am finally giving you a response. I am not sure where the time goes. I do know the time that I do have I appreciate it so much.Maybe we are all a little crazy in a good way. Thinking of different things that maybe will never be. What type of books do you like to read? I like nonfiction and a lot of books on personal development. I have found that I don't have much time left so I read a page here or there when I see the opportunity. I go from book to book. I am a revolving book reader. I might not read everything I would love to read but I feel a little is so much better than none. In an earlier hub comment, you mentioned how you also like the little things in life. I couldn't agree with you more. My list goes on and on. I love reading your list. I wanted it never to stop. Are you in school or doing everything virtual? When I was younger it was a dream of mine to have an extra day here or there off from school. A four-day week instead of five. Now that I go to work I wish the same thing. My thoughts are the same. It never happened. When you get older you work six days instead of five. It has been two weeks since you commented. I have read your comment many times. Sometimes the littlest words trigger my thoughts to something more. Other times the most amazing feelings come out of words from other people. I think we are too busy talking to really spend time to listen. So I tried to slow myself down and listen to your words and your meaning behind your thoughts. Both I have decided are beautiful. You have a great positive personality I hope that only grows. if you decide to become a doctor one day I see you as a brain surgeon. The best of the best. if you have any another job I see you rock'n it. Wishing you a fun and don't forget relaxing day. Remember there is plenty of time to work but now is the time to have fun. Then if you carry that same fun to work You can say I never worked a day in my life. Because you will not only be happy to go to work but still very excited to come home. There are too many people that dread or dislike their jobs very much. I am not one of those people. When work bothers me that much it is time for me to change jobs and find something I do like. Your parents are the best guide in the world. They brought you into this world and take care of you every day. You are their world. They want the best for you. They always are in your corner even if we don't see it. Maybe we are having a bad day. Maybe they are having a bad day. It is always good to say I appreciate everything you do. Maybe something big as food on the table or roof over our heads. Then it could be something really small like them asking a good morning or how was your day? The sad truth is our parents won't be around forever. Even though we never want to think about it. The more you enjoy their company and friendship the more memories you will have in the future. A ibgger and better resource of knowledge. Like a whole set of encyclopedias, you can call your own. The best thing of all. They are one of a kind. You have the only copy. It would be fun to share. (wink, wink) Have a great day and hopefully this is just the beginning for the best and rest of your life.

Chrish Canosa from Manila Philippines on March 06, 2021:

Awesome thing that at least we're not out of our minds! After all the chaos, the quarantine, I feel overly isolated anyway but still I'm not out of my mind haha, books has been a huge help.

An awesome day to you all !!!

DREAM ON (author) on March 05, 2021:

schoolgirlforreal I love your pen name. It was tricky to type. Hobbies bring out new joys and pleasures that we can all share with each other. So many people are gifted in all different areas. I believe everyone in the world has a unique talent different than anyone else. It is up to each of us to find that talent and put it to wonderful use. Some people never look and unfortunately, their talent goes unknown to the world. If only people spent more time discovering themselves they could be so happy. Thank you for reading and sharing. May your day continue to be awesome!!

schoolgirlforreal on March 01, 2021:

Hey Dream On,

I think we can make life interesting with hobbies and taking time to smell the roses.

Good description on routine and mononity esp during covid. We must be creative.

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