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Out In The Dark


It's 7:00 And Time To Come In

I went outside to clean up some leaves in the yard

The time was almost four

Who moved the ground farther away

It seemed a lot easier last summer

Bending and lifting

Some leaves underneath were still wet

I wanted to take advantage of the warm weather

Over the winter I gained a little weight

I am the heaviest I have ever been

200 hundred pounds

I will try to make it back to my old summer weight of 183

Usually in the winter

I go as high as 190

Now I feel my body sore all over

I was have way done when the sun disappeared

I knew I couldn't stop

I wanted to get it done

So I pushed on

Feeling my way around

Hoping my eyes would adjust like a cat

Well that wasn't happening

I raked by feel and memory

I am so happy when things look clean and neat

That's all for now

Tomorrow is another day


DREAM ON (author) on March 11, 2020:

Demas W Jasper I have heard the best writers write what they know. So I am trying to reinvent myself by recapping my day and bringing out all the high points. Things we all do to make our life and home a special place. Thank you for reading and sharing. I often wonder what other people do differently? The days turn into nights pretty quick. Our life appears to go by slow until we see our life pass before our eyes. Then it is like a blink of an eye. I hope you have a nice and comfortable night.

Demas W Jasper from Today's America and The World Beyond on March 10, 2020:

Even chores can make a Hub!

DREAM ON (author) on March 10, 2020:

Dora Weithers I was so glad to start some progress. I did finish a lot that day. Boy did I sleep well that night. Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments. Over time I will get rid of my belly at the same time. A win win.

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on March 09, 2020:

I can relate to the feel of clean and neat. You enjoy your rest better, I'm sure.

DREAM ON (author) on March 07, 2020:

Brenda Arledge I split some of the Hostas at the end of the year and replant. Now I have double the hostas.I find it amazing that they look so dead by the fall and before long next spring they start growing all over again. I like morning glory's they have some wonderful colors. What flowers do you grow? Thank you for reading and sharing. Making each day a little more fun.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on March 06, 2020:

Hostas and roses are perfect.

They require little care, except for pruning roses and deadheading for rebloom.

Hostas get bigger each year.

Next time you plant wildflowers put them in the soil covered up with dirt so they don't blow away.

Yes I know people like that who don't see any beauty in flowers in their yard.

Have a nice day

DREAM ON (author) on March 06, 2020:

Brenda Arledge There is nothing more beautiful than flowerers. In the past, I have thrown down wildflowers in my back yard and the wind must have blown them to the neighbor's yard. They completely covered his nice green grassy lawn. So one day he said to me I can't believe all this. Ugg in disgust. I didn't dare say a word. But I am sure he knew it was me as they were also very few in my yard. This year I plan on planting a few different types. My mother always had Hosta plants and two rose bushes. Thank you for reading and sharing. Have a happy Friday.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on March 05, 2020:

I cant wait until i can get out in the yard...spring cleaning outside and planting flowers.

Spotted a few weeds today that need a pulling...but since this weather is changing back to snow tomorrow it is gonna wait.

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