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Out In The Dark

It's 7:00 And Time To Come In

I went outside to clean up some leaves in the yard

The time was almost four

Who moved the ground farther away

It seemed a lot easier last summer

Bending and lifting

Some leaves underneath were still wet

I wanted to take advantage of the warm weather

Over the winter I gained a little weight

I am the heaviest I have ever been

200 hundred pounds

I will try to make it back to my old summer weight of 183

Usually in the winter

I go as high as 190

Now I feel my body sore all over

I was have way done when the sun disappeared

I knew I couldn't stop

I wanted to get it done

So I pushed on

Feeling my way around

Hoping my eyes would adjust like a cat

Well that wasn't happening

I raked by feel and memory

I am so happy when things look clean and neat

That's all for now

Tomorrow is another day