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Our Last Dance, my love.

Credits to the real owner of the photo.


Our Last Dance, my Love.

One, I'd never knew this will be our last.

I should have known, sooner in the past.

Now look, the time is hurriedly chasing us.

Sooner then, our love would turn dust.

Two, you're gaze is on me, you're smiling wide.

We're ignoring the world, dancing side by side.

The pain in your eyes, it's eating me up.

A bang in my chest, i just couldn't wrap.

Three, I'm hugging you, while we are swaying softly.

So tight that, i feel like everything is so heavy.

Under the moon, we were humming our song.

We just knew that time, it won't be too long.

Four, And as I expected, I started to feel weak.

Oh, i remember! my love, I am sick.

I fell on my shoulder, tears began to form.

How can i survive, after this life ending storm?

Five, there you are, in front of my grave.

Together with the gift, I managed to gave.

It's been years since our last dance, love.

I promise I'll guide you, from here up above.

Questions & Answers

Question: Wow, this is an amazing poem. What inspired you?

Answer: Honestly, I really love to watch and read tragic love stories and somehow i can feel their pain. I tried to put myself in their situation and there I have it. Thank you anyways. I appreciate you, reading my poem.

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