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Our Village Is Our Pride

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The girl of my Village


A quite village

A village of quite shady plains.

That is my village.

The people of my village are full of endless love.

They may not be able to feed the poor twice.

Yet they’re generous,they’re happy.

On a winter's morning, they set fire to their worn-out clothes.

In intense heat,they roll on the ground.

Forgetting all the sorrows with the arrival of mother again in autumn ---they have new dreams.

They sing with the cuckoo of spring.

Wet paddy is planted in the rainy season.

The little girl in my village pik vegetables and sells them every day.

The little boy goes out in the morning to pick up the rhythm.

In the month of April, my village is filled with the smell of Mango and jackfruit.

The crow lays It's eggs in the crows nest.

The chariot fair sits,

Rice-pudding of nabanna and patali of date molasses.

Row upon row of plam trees,fishing with spear, bring water to girl with a pitcher.

Our pride.

Our village is our pride..

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