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Our Wedding Vows

Louwelyn started writing poems since third grade. Writing has always been and will always be her passion and source of inspiration.


An innocent love for me and you,

has started to grow thirteen years ago.

We started young and yet we knew,

the love we feel is pure and true.

Our love from then remain so strong,

has stood the test of time and grow.

And now we stand to start anew.

with blessings from God in front of you.

A solemn promise we d uphold,

to cherish and love a thousand fold.

For richer and for poorer, in sickness and in health,

we will love each other till our last breath.

We started young but then and now,

We do uphold our solemn vow.

Lionel and Louwelyn now stand as one,

Man and wife ‘til the end of time.


© 2018 Louwelyn Luistro Andal