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Our Tolerance Has Been Strained

Please forgive my brief negativity...

Please forgive my brief negativity...

Our patience is wearing mighty thin,

And we're running out of time,

What we've put up with for so long,

there's no reason or any rhyme.

No longer does seem a democracy,

the country is now going to pot,

Every credible accomplishment to date,

is in left field, on the vine to rot.

Moving up is down and down is up,

a terrible mess of everything,

No matter just how much we all do try,

for it's only bad news to bring.

How much more can we stand of this,

our country's in a big stew,

Instead of taking pride in the country,

seems no more we can do.


We must make a change one day soon,

Society's so much out of line, its tunes.

A political mix so very questionable now,

As a circus, its ringmasters, big buffoons.

We have all come so close to war some how,

Made to be by a bunch of silly cuckoos.

Our situation, much more serious right now,

We may soon be singing the Nuke Blues.

Such a foolish state of affairs, told by many,

The enemy of my enemy, is my friend.

Now we have way too many of our enemies,

We don't have the ability left to defend.

I suppose to see you all in outer space real soon,

As we all fly on the way to the moon.

The planet we've left, will be coming unglued,

There's no harmony, all's so out of tune.


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