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Our Sweet Charlotte Is Smarter Than We Think

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She Knows And Is Trying To Tell Us Something

I am sound a sleep in my bed

About five the morning

No matter where she is in the house

Our cat Charlotte finds me

She begins to lick my face

Daddy it is time to get up

I slowly begin to stir

Then when I realize what is happening

I know our daughter is hungry

I first try to roll over and hide

Our cat Charlotte will have no part of it

I have put a pillow over my head

She reaches up with her little paws

Gives me a light touch

Hey, it's me

Time to wake up

I use all my strength just to prop myself up in bed

It didn't matter if i was in the middle of a dream

What time I finally went to sleep

All she knew is I have to get up

When I do

Nature calls and I make a pit stop at the bathroom first

Charlotte follows my every move

She jumps up on the toilet

I have to pat her a few times

Before she jumps down

Then off to the kitchen

I look at her food dish

There is still food

She is very picky

She wants fresh food

All we give her is dry food

So I go into our kitchen closet

Pull out her food

When I put down the new

I mix the old in with it

She watches me carefully

At this moment in time

She walks over to the food

Sniffs it

Then walks away

She is thinking

What did you do with the old food?

I didn't see anything being thrown out

You tried to trick me

I want fresh food

After a few minutes

She goes back to her dish

To say that's not cool

Next time I want the good stuff

Not a quick fast slight of the hand

Magician's trick

Now she begins to eat

I walk across to the refrigerator

I reach over and our refrigerator door was open a few inches

I did this once before

I think I shut it

It is so soft and quiet

The door didn't shut all the way

It has been left open since one o'clock this morning

i don't think anything spoiled

The butter was still solid

Yogurt seemed a little warm

We still have half of a gallon of milk left

i wouldn't have got up if it wasn't for Miss Charlotte

When I began writing this hub

She laid in the chair next to me

Then she gave me a quick look

My job is done here

Then without further hesitation

She hopped down

Off she went in another room

Now my eyes are starting to focus

I can see day light outside

The time is six- thirty eight

I am going back to bed

A little over six hours sleep is not enough for me

Thank you Charlotte for being our watch cat

Dogs may be a lot of fun

We are a cat family

They are loyal and independent

They can go off and entertain themselves

When something is on their mind

They will let you know

They won't stop until you finally see the big picture

Cats our more mysterious and intriguing

They give you a clue

Then let you figure it out