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Our Servant King: A Satirical Poem

Val enjoys writing rhymed poetry with a valuable message in it.


Position doesn't make anybody a leader. Being in charge doesn't make the wrong person right.

-- Tim Berry

Like out of some need to glorify our tribe

we grant our Top Servant power of a king

quite ready to swallow all his verbal bribe

enjoying how he treats us as a trivial thing.

It doesn't really matter whether a Biden or a Trump

even though we hate ourselves for acting that way

we meekly ask "how high?" -- if they tell us "jump!"

but -- shouldn't it be the servant who has to obey?

We call him the most powerful of men

as if that power is somehow including us

that powerhouse being silly now and then

which makes us fuss, or even makes us cuss.

And does it ever make us quite pissed

when we catch him in yet another lie

while he keeps reading from his list

his own recipe for a pie in the sky.

But we treat him like we treat all others

some bitching just like they always did

some pretending that nothing bothers

putting on the whole crap a heavy lid.

We call it "normal" for a vibrant nation

even proud of freedom to lose a nerve

not complacent, thriving on aggravation

with our Servant King that we so deserve.

Then a time comes for another to elect

and Hallelujah, down we go on our knees

with nothing but the same old crap to expect

as Servant King does whatever he may please.

© 2022 Val Karas