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Our Poetry

This will be the poetry of you and me,
Where life meets the sky and the sea.
Where both our hearts sings the song of love,
Of all the shared moments that we had.

You were the roaring thunder to my lightning,
The soul that lingers to my whole being.
the light to my dimming haven,
And the laughter that resound when i am laden.

It wasn't all rainbows, it wasn't all sunshine,
Rains been pouring, we aren't always fine.
Both been broken, cried in pain,
Both had almost become insane.

We've lost our way, and lost the love,
We tried to part and that was tough.
Freedom then became appealing,
And thought time could start our healing.

The fear i had of losing you,
Became the monster that blinded me too.
You were gone, living your life,
I was there, losing a fight.

I never thought this day would come,
Because i thought in differences we succumb.
We said our goodbyes with tears in our eyes,
And deep within me, that, i despised.

But here we are, getting better,
Trying to be back to the us that's stronger.
Still not perfect, and a lot to learn,
Our book together will continue to turn.

5 years, and still we say, counting,
Of life with you that's so liberating.
I smile as my heart sings this poetry,
That shares the bittersweet memories of our story.