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Our Manchester United

Since 2004s/5s a fan of Manchester United♥️grew up seeing cousins play FIFA,CR7, Rooney scores.ManUtd run through my veins.Say your story


Red symbolizes Love
Red symbolizes Heart
Our Blood is Red
Our Manchester United is Red
Manchester United is our Heart
Manchester United run through our veins !

De Gea is our Wall
No one dares to go beyond the Wall
Oh! He has magnet in his hands
Ball goes straight into his hands
Oh! We have Romero as well
No one roams around him
Oh! They save elegant
They pass sweet

We have Maguire leading the charge,
We have 3 other best soldiers guarding the wall under his charge
Oh! We have a troop of soldiers as our backup
Ready to defend the wall
Attack the ball

Oh! We have a World Cup Winner
Pogba dancing down the defenders
Oh! We have our Portuguese Magnifico Bruno
Playing his magic !
We have Fred, Matic, Mata, Mc Tominay causing tragic in opponent’s half

Oh! We have Rashford to finish the game
Oh! 50 millions down the drain Tony Martial scores again!
We have Greenwood, James ready to make game done and dusted

Oh! we have Ole mastermind behind this magic
His tactics make opponents go tragic

Oh! we love Manchester United
Manchester United is Our One Love♥️

© 2020 Samip Katwal

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