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Our Loved Ones We Hold Close

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Distance Will Never Separate Us

In our minds

In our hearts

Each special person

Man, woman, or child

They will live on

At every turn

Each day that we quickly think

Of all the love

That they constantly gave

Without effort or struggle

We are learning

What they already knew

We were the student

Now we are the teacher

Sharing is what we do best

It tops all the rest

When our heart sinks to its lowest point

We think there will be no return

To our surprise

We bounce back and rise to a new height

Many times not sure if it is even possible

We do it anyway

Taught by the most wonderful masters

Since we were a child

Each time we didn't understand

Then how could we possibly know

Love like this is not once in a lifetime

Instead, it is a growing supply

We learn to tap into

With our eyes open and closed

Sparking great curiosity

Generating power beyond nuclear

That wakes up the heavens

Shakes the ground we walk on

Flys in the air

With incredible precision and depth

To plant a seed

In everyone we know

So one day they will not wait

To hug, hold and give with their heart

A love that has many beginnings

With no end in sight

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