Our Lives Get Only More Challenging

Updated on March 15, 2020

When We Thought They Were Busy Before

We have seen nothing yet

Work can be hard enough

Our home life has it's ups and downs

With the end of Winter insight

We have dreams that keep building

That makes the Empire State Building look small

Through it all

Now we have the Corina Virus outbreak

Our future savings in our 401k's and IRA's took a dive

With the stock market plummeting

Where do we stand?

Is this the time to be scared?

Concerned yes

We have to wait to hear all the facts

Before we jump to false conclusions

Then run wild into the streets

It might be too late

We watch the grocery store shelves empty out

The bread aisle bare

The sanitizers are all gone

All the toilet paper and bottled water disappeared

What magician was here?

Live by making the smart choices

Think things out

Be rational

When temptation is near

Do not give in to fear

Long lines at the grocery stores like never before

People are panicking

Is there a need to stock up on food?

As people pile their food into their cart

High and heaping over the side

Is all that food for a whole month necessary?

Let's just catch our breath

Have we not paid attention to the news?

I have seen the number of Corona Virus cases increase

The first Corona Virus case was on Dec.31st. 2020

People have died

Many more are sick

Now in every state except West Virginia

Out of the country

In Italy and across the world

So many changes happening so fast

Originally it started in China

Soon after an outbreak on a cruise ship

Bad news just keeps on growing

In one nursing home in New York

A large number of elderly have died

People quarantined to their houses

Travel to certain places forbidden

Other airline travel very scary

I have seen public schools close

Church services,weddings and all large events canceled

The basketball season comes to a screaching halt

Baseball's Spring training over before it started

The Boston Marathon postponed

All casinos in the state of Mass are going to shut down

Are these proper preventive measures to take?

To keep one step ahead

In the news they said it is going to get worse before it gets better

Let's listen to what we know so far

To be true

Without getting hysterical or irrational

I want to understand?

I am trying to wrap my mind around it?

The world has dealt with many crisis's in the past

We have survived

We come out changed and a little wiser in the end

How bad will it get?

How long this will last?

These are answers nobody knows yet

As we search for a cure

Let's revisit this in a little bit

Take a deep breath of fresh air

Remain calm

First things first

Be careful

Germs are on everything we touch

Prevent from touching your face

That is one way the virus will spread

They say close contact with people is another

Hugs and hand shaking could lead to it spreading

What we have learned so far

Wash your hands

With soap and water

As often as you can

This is one step in the right direction

The elderly and people with health issues are most at risk

For most of the population

The percentage rate is very low of people dying

As I learn more

Stay safe and use good hygiene habits

The same things that we learned when we were kids

Combined with good old common sense


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    • DREAM ON profile imageAUTHOR

      DREAM ON 

      3 months ago

      Gypsy Rose Lee I am outside every day. Walking and seeing people and their habits. My work has cut my hours but I am fortunate to still have a job. The restaurant has slowed down but we have a drive-thru so we can stay open. I hope your work will pick up. I am so sorry to hear about Sid I really hoped he would return. Everyone I know is healthy here. Please stay safe and we will make it through this. Thank you for reading and sharing. Life is all about caring.

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 

      3 months ago from Daytona Beach, Florida

      I sure hope this finds you and your family safe and well. Nothing much has changed for me I was more inside than outside anyway. I continue to search for the ideal job and enjoy the sunshine outside my window. I will take a short walk outside tomorrow before I settle in for the weekend to see what is going on. However, every day I see the same people passing by and those walking their dogs. If you haven't seen this I finally made the official announcement because it was time Sid is not coming back and I can only wish him and his Papa the best up above



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