Our Life In A Nutshell

Updated on September 13, 2020

Crazy Comes TO Mind

Then as we think more

Thoughts pop faster than fireworks on the Fourth Of July

That can be ideas carried out

Dreams enjoyed for the sake of dreaming

The day goes well and if you could put a label on it

You would say what a perfect day

Then in an instant things suddenly change

Just like eating something delicious

Then you get a hair in your mouth

Where did that come from?

We hope we have a lot more good than bad

There are times it is hard to tell

That is when you have to take a close look around

See your family and friends

They will ground you every time

Time will slip through your fingers faster than a dish covered in oil

There will be times you will never understand

Like a pan filled with bacon grease that just doesn't want to come clean

We try and try and things just don't seem to work

What we have to do is look at years past

See not the time served

Life is so much better than that

Time enjoyed and repeated so often

That it brings us unlimited pleasure and joy

Many pick a favorite holiday they love

It could be Christmas and all the gifts

Maybe it is Thanksgiving spending time with the family

Halloween seeing all the children dressed up and having fun

The Fourth of July celebrating our countries Independence Day

New Years when we finally finish one year and cheering on the next

A sport event where you support your favorite team

So aesthetic when they are in first place

Still rooting for them when they are in last place

Eating your favorite food

For me it is a hot dog or a nice hot slice of pizza

A nice large dish of chicken cutlet parmesan

I can't count all the incredible times I have spent with my wife

Family get together that we have had so much fun

We have to mention all the sad times that helped shape us in the person we are today

That made us stronger and wiser

It all would not mean anything

If it wasn't for the big three

My mom and dad

Who brought me into this world

God who made everything and everyone

Life is a journey we all take

I am thrilled to be on my way

Where it will lead is only a guess

Where I have gone

I am truly blessed

Birthdays come once a year

I am enjoying my fifty- sixth today

The list of people I love to thank

Is endless as the skies I see

So if I was to list them one after another

We would be here for a long,long time

I thought of a better way

To post it in one more of my poems

Thanking everyone at once

To all the hubber's on HubPages who constantly help and support me when I write

Here by my side every morning and all through the day

They don't even stop at night

I am out and about

On with my day

I have thought of a birthday wish

I can not tell

I will give you a hint

When your birthday comes

I hope yours will top mine in every way


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    • DREAM ON profile imageAUTHOR

      DREAM ON 

      18 hours ago

      Linda Crampton I love birthday wishes and the only thing I like better is seeing other people happy on their special day. I know how good mine has been for so many years I will have those memories forever. I had to work on my birthday but I enjoyed a nice lunch with my wife. Then with a smile on my face it is so easy to go to work. I hope your day was filled with fun and lots of excitement. Thank you so much for reading and sharing.

    • AliciaC profile image

      Linda Crampton 

      5 days ago from British Columbia, Canada

      Happy birthday, Dream On! I hope you have an enjoyable day.


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