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Our Future Together

Yes... I am that hopeless romantic. Am I so stupid to hope for the best, even just for once?

No, it wasn’t love at first sight; there were no butterflies nor bugs, only a luminous-colored snake whose length is made up of 2% hope that maybe it will work.

What’s funny with being a pessimist and clinging on a small number of chances is that when the result is favorable to you, it will not make you jump out of too much happiness while shouting, “I knew it!”. It will leave you grinning in one corner of your room like a 7-year old kid licking her favorite chocolate popsicle.

Our story is no different from others. Just like in movies and real-life stories, ours is a cycle of mistakes and forgiveness; an unending revolution of rainbows and stormy seas.

We may not have the ideal beginning but I want us to end in a perfect way. I am writing this to remind us that this is how we picture ourselves on our golden wedding anniversary: gray-haired, wrinkled skin, can barely walk, holding each other’s hands, smiling while looking at our grandchildren, too old to get agitated by their loud noise so we just enjoy it.

I’m betting 100% this time, 0 room for reservations. I’m claiming it – we can make it to the perfect end.

art line by @adaazis on ig

art line by @adaazis on ig

© 2020 Aira Bulquerin

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