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Our Flag of Freedom Will Always Fly


In times of trouble our flag flies high,

When we all stand up and are strong.

Roll up our sleeves, to needs for help,

of where our caring people, all belong.

The call of any nation, that asks for us,

every one we will answer right away.

This country believes in freedom for all,

hands of America work hard each day.

In times of war, we've answered the call,

Should our enemy to attack, to go astray,

So that every wrong is to be righted then,

our troops will stand our ground every day.

Not one person will ever go hungry again,

God has given us a heart, to see we care.

Delivered us in all the wars, kept us safe,

and is why the flag of freedom we do share.

Victory always to be our nation's every call,

In bravery, they do serve, are courageous, all.

Doing all that we can to protect this country,

Respecting each one, the big and the small.


Over the plains and the highest mountain tops,

Down the valleys and all across the wide seas.

Greater love of any country will never be seen,

Every citizen so respects the flag colors, keen..

Remember our eagle atop the red, the white and blue,

Saving grace from God above, shared by me and you.

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