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Our Country Will Always Be Strong


When I was but a child and attended my grade school,

We all said the pledge and did follow the Golden Rule.

We always had our morning prayer, a right thing to say,

These were all so important, the best start to every day.

Over the years as I attended college, did get my degree,

I became a teacher, then, for it was a best choice for me.

On the first day at my new school, we all said the pledge,

Following the Golden Rule, said prayer, was meant to be.

As time moved on and the years flew by, things did change,

Reasons cited as democratic, a new day, to be rearranged.

No prayers were then allowed, no pledge, became the rule,

Were no more, spankings, or their threat, allowed in school.

Behavior became more erratic then, children began to rebel,

There was so much more disorder, more students then to fail.

The precious time at a new day's start, had been taken away,

School did not seem the same, no pledge, no one could pray.

It seems that more citizen's rights were soon lost in the maze,

Those on which this nation formed, our country's earliest days.

Our constitution was seen to take new hits, beginning to end,

People's rights seemed lost in space, no one to comprehend.

If we could just bring back those better times, were so long ago,

When a kid could feel good at school, the pledge each to show.

Saying prayers every day, was meant to help them each to grow.

Forever to be, our country, of democracy, in our hearts we know.


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