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Our Cat Looking Up In Awe

I Could Hear The Footsteps

Then the jingling of keys

I heard the door creek open

A loud odd noise

Like a rattle snake ready to strike

Charlotte our cat ran to the door

Like she always does when we come home

Then she stepped back


Raced on by me

I could hear her jumping on our bureau in the other room

I expected my wife home at anytime

I know the door was locked and I am the only other person with a key

It a split second I will find out

I was sitting in the middle of the kitchen

I was so relaxed and half slouching on the back of the chair

A wall blocks the view of the door

So I can't see

There was no need to worry

Until now

All the hairs on the back of my neck stood up

I seen a man about my height

All bundled up in a wind breaker

The only thing I could see is his eyes

They were blue like mine

His shoes were black

He didn't say a word

I now didn't know what to do

If he attacked me

I had nothing to fight him off with

He clearly had the advantage

I could head out to the front door

I knew it was locked

The door sticks and there was also a screen door locked on the outside

There is no way I could get that one open in time

There were knives in the strainer next to the sink

Bigger knives were in the butchers block next to the stove

His body stood directly in the way

I didn't even have shoes on

Now I out matched and could easily be over powered

It is amazing how fast your mind can think in one second

The crazy thoughts that enter your mind

He moved closer

He unzipped his jacket and his face was my face

Our cat Charlotte knows it wasn't me

My neighbors wouldn't question a strange car in our drive way

If they thought it was me

The perfect crime

Dressed up to look like me

I looked at him closely

The hair

The scar over his eye

Even down to the dark razor stubbles

With a deep stare

Who are you ?

Why are you here ?

Leave our home immediately !!!!

I know there was no way I could call the police in time

I didn't even know where my phone was

Honey, Honey

Can you help me ?

My hands are full

I stopped to do some grocery shopping

She raised her voice


I was in a day dream

No more scary movies for me

My mind keeps playing over and over all the horror scenes

When I get writing

I am so deep in thought

My mind wanders and it takes me a few minutes to come back down to earth

Charlotte got scared not because of who it was

But the loud noise of the rattling of the bags

After a two minute delay

Here I come

Next time call me on the phone and I would helped carry everything in

With a great sigh of relief

I am glad your home

You wouldn't believe what just happened

Help me put things away

You can tell me later...

You wouldn't believe me if I told you

Never mind