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Orwell's Vision of a Revisionist Society

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

An inherently overactive dreamer with ideas for days

Mind always on the move creatively no matter what time

A notepad close at hand for when ideas start to flow

Through the mental faucet when things get uncontrollable

An imagination that often gets them into trouble

Timing was never a strong suit of theirs

Always too early or too late when they want to misbehave

Lectured by family for having head buried very deep

Inside a large batch of Cumulus clouds

Amongst Nature's profoundly puffy cotton balls

Searching for the meaning of life and happiness

Finding the sustenance of being alive for more

Than just a collecting a meaningless paycheck

Just to scrape off the top of the endless financial hole

Nowhere near the dreams of success or satisfaction

Stories and invention idea piling up in notebooks and journals

Pressured into leaving a legacy of more than words and sarcasm

Tired of being a modern version of George Orwell's Winston Smith

Pretending to love "Big Brother" while looking for the truth behind the lies

An office drone blindly filing away pointless facts and figures

That won't amount to anything except Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

1984 had it right in a way that life was simply a matter of perception

A loss could be transformed into total victory with the stroke of a keyboard

Reality bites harder than the bulldog getting the mailman's pant leg again

Sometimes even a flesh and blood Winston Smith needs some hope

More to do than simply swiping a time card at the start and end of a day

Bored of being a worker bee robot going through the corporate motions

Without any instant gratification or appreciation whatsoever

Not even a routine tune-up in the workplace racing pit to smooth things over

No rotation of the metaphorical tires or an oil change to speak of

It's time for a vacation on a tropical island where no one knows your name

Just fruity drinks and people rubbing suntan lotion on you

No alarm clocks shouting for an early rising before dawn

Getting up at the crack of noon just to lounge by the pool all afternoon

Escaping the daily mores of being a responsible working adult for a time

Eager to rest, relax and create a paradise where responsibility vanishes

Even if it's just for a few hours

A temporary respite better than none at all.

The party spot for dreamers at heart.

The party spot for dreamers at heart.

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