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Original Prose

Brianna is a working mom with 25 years of general life experience. She has a little girl and several exotic pets.


Think of Me

Think of me

When you’re all alone

Take a deep breath

And let it go

You’re important

You matter

You’re my whole world

Think of me

When your heart’s in tatters


When my light fades

And my skin turns to grey

I hope you’ll be by my side

To keep me warm

And hold my hand

As I cross

Into an unknown land


The Forest

The Forest

My home

For Centuries

I’ll roam

From tree to tree

And stream to stream

It calls me

Off the beaten path

Into the forest

My home

The deeper I go

I feel less alone

The squirrel and deer

Whisper in my ear

Tell me their secrets

Of the forest

My home

For You

This ones for you

When you’re all alone

Step outside

Let the breeze caress

Your tender skin

Let the birds sing

Only for you

Let the stars come out

To say goodnight

Let the sun shine

And warm your heart





Burning fast

Over the hills

Lungs filled with ash



Run and hide

Until the fires

Do subside


After years

Upon years

Your struggle

To survive


The strongest


Meanest woman

Who I never believed

Would die

You took me in

And raised me well

Causing small scars

On my mental heath

I loved you then

And love you still

But now you’re gone

I miss you


I did this forever ago and thought it was a fun picture to add

I did this forever ago and thought it was a fun picture to add

© 2019 Brianna Knight

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