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Oriental Lover

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I am an empath which means I can "feel" others emotions and feelings as well as put into words things others would find hard to understand.


David Bowie. China Girl.

Unknown girl

Your words overjoyed me

You’ve seen it through

Trembling in fever

My fingers crossed

Tears turn into diamonds

or why should witches weep

O my saviour show me the way out

Make me your slave

Hold me in your chain

Drink up my blood

O I’ve been too naughty a girl

God help the girl

With all her words of deceit

Every night when sleep evaded me

Was to weave the clumsy lies

Oh do pure hearts exist

Pure enough to be torn asunder

At a glimpse of demon’s eyes

I see only fragments

Courage is worst

Who’s in control of the game

Deep under the sea of ageless darkness

Is where my heart belongs

I asked for it

Let the immortal ancient creatures

Clean up the corpse

Thus the child can get his ticket

Back to his uncontaminated kingdom

Regain his freedom

No more

I don’t want the story to continue

I implore you

I implore you

I can’t take this no more

You've known me and my world

From words I'd never spoken

A Mister across the continent

You reached out all of a sudden

Expected and unexpected

Wreathed in the love of a poet

Under the pale electric light

The elevated heartbeat

Of silent night

O can I take it

Voices telling me to quit

So I did with blind eye

Fear in me

Hastily drew a line

pushed you away

Huddled behind the wall

Only to watch me dipped in great bitterness

Never had I found dancing alone so poignant

Pale me

Limp me

Dumb me

Dumped me

Black-eyed me

Trying to walk to you

Peep at your face through the hole

Read you over and over from the shade

Secretly missing you

Speaking to you

Early wake-ups for anything from you

All day long thinking of you

You never knew

I saw a grey hair of mine just now

What am I to say

Will you still love me

When I have turned into a devastated old woman

A vigour-lost maiden

Once I was told

That it's always a he who starts up

A she who keeps up

It's always a he who pulls her down with honey words

A she who's left behind

When I have shred all that's covering me

Torn down the wall defending me

To stand before you mute and naked

Darling don't you dare ever hurt me

All I want is you to see my heart

Or maybe

Come to reality

And I am yours

If this is what you desire

See me in Shanghai City

In Pudong Airport

I'll be in Tongji University

In and after September

If you shall be ready

This as my selfish and humble wish

Becoming a small fraction of your life

Even just for a few fleeting nights

Of indulgence

Of endless lust

If you shall appear

I will give you me

All of me

Every part of my soul and my body

Give me up and hand me to your hands

My strange lover

I will wait and seal myself

'Cos my heart is occupied.


You stole my heart,
While I was sleeping,
You left me feeling,
Totally numb,
Under the duvet,
I was tearfully peeking,
My tongue was swollen,
I became dumb.
You invaded my dreams,
Held me so tight,
Wrestled with my mind,
Made me feel so secure,
Banished the shadows,
That haunted the night,
Turned dreams to mist,
Unrecognizable and so obscure.
Simple ideas now frozen,
In time,
Joy and discomfort,
Fractured into pieces,
Between scrolling fantasies,
And reality which intertwine,
Transmitting desires,
With spiteful telekinesis.
You ripped my heart out,
Like a frenzied tiger,
Stood back silently,
Watched the blood pour,
When I tried to break free,
You just held me tighter,
My cries were drowned,
By your deafening roar.
There's no shame,
In trying to love,
When you put your,
Heart on the line,
It's usually someone you've,
Had recurring dreams of,
And within your heart,
You've built a shrine.
But you can't just,
Walk away from dreams,
Even when your,
Just right there,
In the end you just,
Totally crumble into smithereens,
And your life changed,
Into another cruel nightmare.

Unknown girl.

With surgical precision,
You open the scars
of my wounded heart.
I bleed my words over you
and sully your perfect world.
You release them ~
The sharp-toothed demons
who devour my soul
And then flay my logic
for all to see,
exposing my inadequacies.
Another voice
you desire to hear
But do not understand;
To feel the need ~
Not fathoming its meaning.
You feed the muse
to hear the tinkling laughter,
silent pain and bitter sadness
that hide in the iced moon,
And with measured words,
thaw my frozen heart.
For what purpose?


Lost inside a dream,

memories taunting me,

shadows of mystery,

where I used to be.

Echoes of disbelief,

pulsates upon the floor,

culminates in raptures,

knocking at my door.

Kisses oh so tender,

whisper on the breeze,

darkness seems to follow me,

then brings me to my knees.

Lies wrapped around truth’s,

the tongue delights and shames,

words both bless and curse,

the righteous always blamed.

Beauty robs the lazy gaze,

and painted smiles disrupt,

eyes closed distort the view,

choices become corrupt.

Pictures paint a thousand words,

yet lips defy the reason,

secrets drip like falling rain,

amidst the driest season.

Perfect strangers wonder by,

without a backward glance,

invisible to all those around,

won't even take a chance.

Pebbles on a rocky shore,

scrape beneath your feet,

whistling wind calls your name,

but only echoes do you meet.

You see a face from out the blue,

with lips that smoulder bright,

eyes that seem to radiate hope,

like a beacon in the night.

© 2018 Mark