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Orient Pearl


There was a time when in this land
People love each other.
We call it Pearl of the Orient
For love in all places gathered together..
No matter what race or what color they may have
They don't care as long as they love.

War came and poverty strike back.
Their children were abandoned and their clothes were sacks.
Love has left us?
Love has abandoned us?
Women cried all night for the pain they felt inside.
Not the wound they have outside, but a cut at their heart makes them feel left aside.
A land in which we all share it's goodness..
Became a land of poverty, corruption and they became godless.

Red and Yellow, White and Blue
Their beloved land have become a harlot in the eyes of another.
Will they restore it's good reputation
And put love back together?
They once again hope for good things to come.
But forgotten the maker of all who made everything right done.

Three Stars and a Sun
These are you son's
And daughters have gone
Out of the forest looking for a new spawn.

Will they get it on time?
Or will forever be damned?
They pray for restoration
They hope the maker will not abandon.

© 2018 Jeho

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