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Orchestrating You A Blessing

Lashonda Beauregard is an author/writer from Louisiana. She's written eight books.


Orchestrating You A Blessing a poem by Lashonda Beauregard

Orchestrating You A Blessing written by Lashonda Beauregard

It's hard to see pass current circumstances right now, because of the trials and tribulations in front of you.
You can't see the light at the end of the tunnel yet, but you're closer to your breakthrough than you think.
Today there may be rain, but tomorrow there could be rainbows.
Don't give up, keep praying and pressing on.
Before you know it, God will suddenly reveal your blessing like a beautiful sunrise after the night.
God's been working behind the scenes on your blessing.
God knows the challenges you face,
He wrote the book, your story's not over, this is just a chapter in the book.
God's at the center pulling everything together,
Remember that everything will work out for your good, because God is orchestrating you a blessing.

Orchestrating You A Blessing is a poem from Lashonda's Book of Poems and Songs

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