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The orca carries a misleading title.
Massive, but it's actual gentle.
A giant from the dolphin family.
The largest member of the family.
The Orca has a diverse diet.
The orca also specializes.
Specializes in all types of prey.
The orca always finds its way.
Hunting fish & marine mammals.
One of the seas smartest animals.
They are apex predators.
Orcas arent really known as killers.
But when they can be aggressive.
But these males are rarely mean.
The prove is on the big screen.

Free Willy

A pod of orcas are on the move.
But tracked down by a group.
By a group of whalers.
One of them is captured.
Captured and sent to a theme park.
The main attraction in the park.
He is given the name WILLY.
Giant but very loving.
Meanwhile, an abandon child.
Is stopped from running wild.
Running wild within the theme park.
JESSE gets off to a bad start.
He is placed in foster home.
Cleaning graffiti all alone.
That was a part of his probation.
But he's unruly to his parents.
The park disregards willy.
But WILLY saves JESSE.
Saves JESSE from drowning.
A bond between them was brewing.
Willy won over the park.
Jesse's offered a job at the park.
He also warms his home.
JESSE and Willy get their own show.
On the day of their first show.
Willy refuses to do the show.
Due to children banging.
On his observation playing.
Instead, he damages the tank.
JESSE makes plans to run away.
Then goes back to the park.
Then notice a group aims to start.
Damaging the tank Willy is in.
Knowing the water is leaking.
Intending to Kill Willy.
To obtain his insurance policy.
JESSE makes plans to release.
Release Willy back into the sea.
They load him up and go.
They say farewell and lets Willy go.

Free Willy 2: The adventure home

Jesse is now adopted.
He is more close to his parents.
They prepare to go to the Pacific.
Unexpectedly joined by Elvis.
Elvis is Jesse's younger brother.
They'd soon get to know each other.
Upon arrival, he tracks Willy.
He meets all of his siblings.
Elvis bonds with Willy's brother.
Later, they see an oil tanker.
Spilling oil into the ocean.
Trapping the whales in the ocean
In a small cove. Word gets out.
JOHN MILNER has a plan to get them out.
Get them out and in captivity.
So the whales could recover from their injuries.
But his plan is really Jesse's.
Milner wants to lock them up.
JESSE wants to free them up.
They get them away from the cove.
By first getting them out of the cove.
The tanker catches fire.
The whales swim beneath the water.
JESSE frees the whales again.
They share a moment before leaving.
Willy is back with his family.
While Elvis and JESSE.

Free Willy 3: The rescue

JESSE now works as an orca researcher.
On a boat year round as a researcher.
Alongside his old friend.
They suspect the whales are being hunted.
By whalers posing as fishermen.
Whaling is a family business.
But one if the hunters have a change of heart.
Max decides to be a part.
Be a part of saving the whales.
Jesse goes on the whaler's ship.
Finding Spearguns on the ship.
He finds they're going back for willy.
Using an audio recording.
Of a song Jesse often played.
To lure Willy within.
Willy may not recognize it.
Jesse chases the whalers.
Max distracts the whalers.
His father gets very angry.
Finding out his son is working.
Working to save the whales.
But his father intends not to fail.
So he moves on with a damaged engine.
Feeling it was Max that did it.
When it really was Jesse.
Jesse challenges every move.
The whalers try firing a harpoon.
But Jesse knocks them off target.
Killing them wasn't even worth it.


A white chest with a black back.
Whitesides and a white patch.
White patches above the eyes.
Putting fear in many because of its size.
These films make you see the bigger picture.
That these whales are not really killers.

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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