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Orange Afternoon

Bea is an amateur writer who drinks too much coffee and reads way too many romance novels.

Orange Afternoon

The bed is cold but comfortable

as I lay here thinking of you.

I wonder how you're spending your time

in this orange afternoon.

Are you outdoors or indoors?

Does a smile touch your lips?

Are you warm? Or are you cold?

I wish I knew, I wish you're well.

The wind blows so peacefully--

I wonder if you feel it too.

The sky looks like it's burning--

I hope you're seeing it too.

You said you loved afternoon naps

so come take one with me.

Let's fall asleep in each other's arms

as I listen to your heart beat.

The sun streams through my window

as I lay here dreaming of you.

I wonder how you're doing

in this orange afternoon.

© 2022 Bea Forlales

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