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Rhymes About Crimes

Seventy years, is that how many it’s been
When rhymes kicked the door wide open?
Assaulting your mother’s senses
About flags and this lands offenses
Now we fight, is it the same as before?
Is love less and hatred so much more?
I don’t know, I was just a baby then
Is it just a maybe, are we near the end?

The pied piper sang at the gates of the village
The sound was raw but the words did pillage
The minds of those who were unable to prepare
For a man who spoke what others would not dare
It was how he said it, his voice as sure as can be
For the witness was valid, the truth had authority
But he wanted only to empty horror from his mind
It’s up to us to fight those trying to keep us blind

Give a man a good reason to die in a war
It can’t just be because a politician wants more
Is the national interest such a moral imperative?
Will all the takers be so kind one day to give?
It’s not like that inside a street walking poem
The truth of life is between the border and Elohim
But who lives like that, always in hell or heaven?
It’s not me, right? First I sin then I’m forgiven

I have all my blessings but others have none
I sleep at night but my mind wakes before the sun
What can history do to an anonymous man like me
If I have mine and my anthem say’s I’m free
I can tell you this, it’s not a matter of possession
Free will is good enough but is it an obsession?
We haven’t solved too many things in all this time
Still we talk hoping an opinion is not a crime

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