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Open Season

Open Season

In the peaceful town of Timberline.
A 900-pound bear is enjoying.
Enjoying being held captive.
Because he is also being pampered.
In the day BOOG is the star attraction.
Spends his nights in the presence.
Of the Park Ranger who found him as a cub.
BETH, who always shown him, love.
One day SHAW came to town.
Showing off what he hunted down.
Luckily, the animal was still alive.
Boog frees him and had the deer to hide.
Shaw attempts to catch him.
Failing to even touch him.
The animal Shaw had was ELLIOT.
Elliot found boog sleeping.
Boog saw what he never expected.
Elliot tells him to be free.
Elliot takes him to be free.
Boog enjoys the freedom.
But regrets not using wisdom.
He and Elliot get involved in events.
In that little time, boog realizes.
He sees that Elliot wasn't held captive.
Beth takes him home soon after.
Soon after her friend finds him.
Elliot runs as Shaw still chases him.
While running Elliot sees Boog.
Boog attacks him with a hug.
The crowd misunderstands it.
The entire audience panics.
Shaw attempts to shoot Boog.
Beth steps in and does what she could.
She tranquilizes the two.
Shaw fails round 2.
He flees after failing.
He's not supposed to be shooting.
Not supposed to be shooting in town.
While the troublemakers are taken down.
Down to the national forest.
Only three days before open season.
They're placed right above the waterfalls.
Where they will be safe after all.
Boog struggles to adapt.
He hopes Elliot will lead him back.
Lead him back to Beth.
Until then, he thinks of himself.
So do all animals in the woods.
Boog tours the entire woods.
He runs into animals of all kinds.
Making friends over time.
The next day, Elliot attempts.
To lead boog back to being captive.
But it becomes evident.
That Elliot has no clue where he's going.
Since the duo is lost.
They are confronted by Shaw.
Boog finds Shaw's cabin.
He overhears Shaw talking.
Talking about taking what is his.
Boog then goes back to his friends.
He helps them defend themselves.
The next day they defend themselves.
They send the hunters running.
Shaw tries but he ends up failing.

Martin Lawrence
Ashton Kutcher
Gary Sinise

Open Season 2

ELLIOT has grown new antlers.
But still has to use the old antlers.
Despite marrying GISELLE.
He's still sad and his friends could tell.
So BOOG rounds them all up.
Making an attempt to cheer him up.
Trying everything but nothings working.
Elliot may even call off the wedding.
At the climax of the wedding.
Elliot witnesses MR.WEENIE.
Being taken. He tells the story.
Tells it to his friends in the forest.
The come together and look forward.
Look forward to saving him.
But the wild has already found him.
Elliot will still go anyway.
Looking for an excuse to spend the day.
Not Marrying Gissell.
What's worse is? she could tell.
Elliot tries freeing him.
But ends up only leaving him.
He did break his chains.
Hoping he makes a swift change.
But he doesn't get away.
He gets to the camp the same day.
He has no clue where he is.
But the others hope that he lives.
Lives life as a pet again.
But they fail at trying.
Weenie does escape.
The animals do chase.
During it, he loses his sanity.
They are more focused on rescuing.
They set camp near the humans.
While Elliot is busy struggling.
The wilds reach the camp.
But the pets already left.
Elliot finds Weenie.
Then looks forward to saving.
Saving his friends.
The wilds reach where they're headed.
But later go into submission.
They battle it out with the pets.
But settle their differences.
In the end, it ends up.
A huge success that looked to end rough.

Mike Epps
Joel Mchale
Codie Cameron

Open Season 3

On morning BOOG awakens.
Planning a trip for his best friends.
Planning it for all males.
But ELLIOT is one of the males.
One of the ones that can't participate.
Because he has a family that he can't take.
He and Giselle are with three kids.
Which leaves boog disappointed.
His friends spend time with their families.
So he finds interest in learning.
He goes on the trip alone.
He stops at a circus and feels at home.
He first meets DOUG.
Doug feels that he is not really loved.
Doug doesn't like this circus life.
Dreams of being the king of wildlife.
He and Boog swap lives.
Doug has scammed his way outside.
Boog meets and falls in love with URSA.
A female bear from Russia.
She thinks Boog is Doug.
Boog tries convincing that he's not Doug.
They begin working together.
They work very well together.
Doug arrives in the forest.
He gets there and disguises.
Disguises himself as Boog.
Fooling his friends. They rarely look.
But Gisella catches on.
She knows that Boog is gone.
Doug's treating the wilds like slaves.
Accidentally, it comes out.
The animals then figure out.
Figure out a way to rescue Boog.
Not knowing that Boog.
Has fallen in love with Ursa.
He may want to stay with Ursa.
But Doug arrives.
He is forced to apologize.
Apologize to Bogg for tricking him.
Then he performs for the audience.
Elliot sees that Boog is happy
Let's boog decide on leaving.
Ursa to comes to the forest.
The next day, she finds it was worth it.

Matthew Munn
Matthew Taylor
Melissa Sturm

Open Season: Scared Silly

The guys are all out camping.
Spending time away from their families.
ELLIOT tells his best campfire story.
About a legend that maybe still existing.
The legend lives right in their neighborhood.
It has put fear in the neighborhood.
BOOG trembles at the sound of this.
He's so afraid he decides that it is best.
It's best that he walks away.
His friends attempt to make.
To make him overcome his fears.
Hoping they leave if they create some scares.
They also want to uncover.
The mystery that seems to bother.
Seems to bother the entire forest.
They find that a creature is roaming.
SHAW is determined to catch it.
He can't wait until the open season.
He creates a team to do it.
Meanwhile, Elliot's heartbroken.
He catches the werewolf walking.
But it's later revealed.
That the werewolf is not real.
It is Shaw, dressed in a suit.
Hoping to scare Boog like they planned too.
But the legend is real.
Elliot befriends the one that is real.

Donny Lucas
Will Townsend
Trevor Devall

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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