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Opening My Eyes To An Early Morning Surprise

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Spaghetti Legs

I am looking for my body

Has anyone seen me ?

I went to bed late last night

My wife asked me to rub her back

That is the last thing I remember

Off to sleep I went

I was planning to do many things

Out like a light

I was dreaming when my wife woke me up

I could hear her voice whisper

I am leaving for work

I struggled to move

Giving her a kiss and lots of love

I tell her to call me when she gets to work

Now in limbo land

I don't feel like going back to sleep

I am not even close to being awake

So I slowly open my light blue eyes

Put the radio on

Listening to upbeat country music

Out the window

The clear faded blue sky waits

I keep rubbing my portholes of sight

My body still numb

All my brains seem to be scrambled

Like eggs I love so much

Add a little ketchup

Everything tastes so good

An unexpected sniffle seems to tease my nose

A stiff neck sticks out of my comfortable bathrobe

My little wrists sore from the day before

I have a vision for the day

It is not anything that I see or am experiencing currently

I pat my cat Charlotte

Who is the sleep master

She didn't respond

As she continues her deep sleep

That brings me to my pale arms covered with golden hairs

I never even noticed

It reminds me of fields of corn

Carefully placed and spaced

My short trim cut fingernails run across my beard stubble

The time keeps moving even if I don't

Lack of energy

I pour myself some cereal

Adding the ice cold milk

As a last ditch effort to come alive

Life and death both seem foreign to me

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