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The Endurance

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The Endurance

The Endurance

Sometime things rejoice me
Like a soft touch of tender buds
A few sounds pulsate me
Like bells ringing in temples
The breeze blows affectionately
A company of someone
goes on rejoicing
Like fragrance of the wet soil
Someone dwells deep within
And compels to come closer
I look at me with keen eyes
And get thrilled by the moments
go by
To find everything affable
Which goes on enriching
the existence
How I wish it went on and on
Life staying intact and happy
But how rapid it alters
in an instant, the next moment,
this day, or that day
The mind turns reticent
Words prick the heart
and torment the mind
Enveloping the affectionate
blue sky
clouds of aversion surround me
And the lightening of anguish
Keeps striking hard
My creator !
You beguile like a cascade
Yet sometime you throw
into the flow of grief
You make stand like a cedar
And you push storms
and shake me as a plant
The mud you kneaded
and kept on the potter wheel
with your skilled hands
You might have heated
the pot perfect
Why then it scares me if I fall down
I would break into pieces
Yet sometime I face jolts
and stand firm
laughing away all along
I know that spring' ll shine
I watch old leaves dance
in the autumn
And think of the amorous Semal
I know that if I endured
the scorching summer
the spring 'll embrace me
and the rains 'll drench me

Harish Mamgain


© 2020 Harish Mamgain


Harish Mamgain (author) from New Delhi , India on January 20, 2020:

Gypsy, thank you very much for reading and appreciating this hub.

Gypsy Rose Lee from Daytona Beach, Florida on January 20, 2020:

Just lovely really enjoyed this.

Harish Mamgain (author) from New Delhi , India on January 18, 2020:

Glad you liked the verses Lorna. Yes, what you deduced is true ; it can be anybody's story. In spite of everything, we should not lose hope; we must continue our journey. I appreciate your comments. Thank you very much.

Lorna Lamon on January 18, 2020:

A wonderful poem looking at all the special and difficult times in life. I sometimes think that without life's problems we would not be as strong or as grateful. You tell a story through your words - lovely.

Harish Mamgain (author) from New Delhi , India on January 17, 2020:

Hello Brenda, what you says is so true. Life, it seems, is a great teacher and that's why it keeps throwing challenges to us to test our nerves and to see to what extent our strength and guts can take us.

Things received on a platter do not give us so much pleasure than what we achieve after making our own fights.

I appreciate you for liking the post and for putting up such insightful comments. Thanks a bunch my dear friend.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on January 17, 2020:


Wouldn't it be great if life could fill our hearts with happiness all the time?

If we never had to experience the pain or hold onto a branch for dear life.

You speak vividly of the touch of happiness that soon withers into the ground making us sad.

Great write.

Harish Mamgain (author) from New Delhi , India on January 17, 2020:

Thank you Eric, glad you liked these lines.

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on January 17, 2020:

So beautiful! The beauty of enduring lasts a full lifetime where as success and failure go with the wind.

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