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Only The Soul Knows

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.

Article Summary

I believe there is a challenge initiated between 2 Hubbers, Val Karas and John Hansen. It is about the sense of being truthful which you can read in both of their excellent articles.

Val Karas ~ Dare To Be Truthful and John Hansen ~ Do Not Succumb To The Naysayers Cries

I personally love it when someone relates to my work, but if they don't...I'm okay.

But a personal issue not related to my writing is a totally different story. Does the person really have his facts straight, or should I even care to correct him.

The bottom line is to take care of yourself. It's your life and time is short. Less drama is good.


"Straight From The Heart" ~ Bryan Adams

Only The Soul Knows

Lost in the maze of my thoughts
penning down for others to relate,
releasing them to the universe,
it matters not
what others think.

Reality is each one’s choice,
but don’t play games with my heart
or my soul with you shall depart.

For I’m a creature on my own,
I won’t travel down your road
to appease your desire,
for I believe in moments
touching one’s soul.


"Matthew West ~ Truth Be Told"


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