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Only Star in My Firmament

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I have been seeing stars in the firmament and have read from the books that

Stars also radiates some lights, a local singer in my land says of stars that it is when

One could not find moon in the firmament that one will appreciate the works of stars

In the firmament this is because many a one used to think what is stars doing in the

Firmament for they do not think it is showing lights, they think it has no function and

Have been reflecting some of the rays of lights that moon put out, but when moon has

Gone into her closets and stars are found in the firmament one would want to have

A rethought about that ideology that stars do not emit some lights, and it is more worrying

When one could neither find stars nor moon in the firmament during some of the nights.

Those who usually feels the heat of the absence of these objects are those who are

Traveling in the wilderness and who perhaps have their oils exhausted for seeing in the

Wilderness or their batteries have ran out and yet they wish to continue in their journey

Such people know the importance of stars that irrespective of the little lights they are

Emitting, it is better than not being in the firmament at all and everything looks dark, for

One would then not be sure of things even nigh by the person let alone seeing into the

Distance. Having read and known these about stars, it yet have little meaning to me until

The day I come across her, her svelte mien is adorable, and her eyes are like the eyes of the

Dove, then as we come closely together, know more about her nature, that she is different

From many people around, she is special in her own rights. Since the day we have come

Across, has she been emitting lights on my darkened paths and when I thought everything is

Over that the darkness would subsume me, then she will appear in my firmament and

Initial D - My Only Star

Shone lights on my paths. While in the wilderness full of pits, walking in thick and

Palpable and was about to fall into the pit that has been dug for me by the enemies, like

The proverbs that is been said, that instead of the children of the righteous person to fall

Into the pit, there would be lightening in the firmament to show the righteous one’s child

That a pit is remarkably close by for him to avoid, she appeared in my wilderness journey to

Illuminate my path, saving me from falling into the pits dug for me by my enemies. I cannot

But call her my angel on seeing this wonderful salvation that has been shown me through

Her. She has been the only star in my firmament, she has been brighten my paths. When other

Stars and moon couldn’t come out, she will always come out for me, because she knows I

Need assistance, because she knows her work, because she knows she has been sent to

Do this for me. She never for once neglects this though other stars have said she shouldn’t

But she ignored them for she knows her duty, to save life and not to destroy life. Though

Millionth of miles apart, yet awfully close than imagined, for with the fourth eyes I can

Perceive her, with the fourth eyes, I can see her clearly when others cannot. She does this

Without thinking of reward, yet when I want to appreciate her, she will turn down the offer

For this I have not come, I have come as being designed and know that were you to be

The one in her position I will do more. What can I do to appreciate my star? How can I

Appreciate the only star that is different from all stars in the firmament, what can I do to

Show my heart of appreciation to thee? I do not know what to do, thence, I have come

With this to show the world that I am who I am because of the little star that comes along my

Path, illuminating my paths and when others are saying no way, she always says, do not

Listen to them honey, as long as there is firmament and the Divine One, there shall

Always be a way for you and you shall neither fail, fall nor falter.


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