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Only Love. Monday's Inspiration 72, to Eric Dierker and Family

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.


I Bask in the Sound of the Lute of Solitude

I am the blue-vast sky of infinitude,

Adorning the universe with shimmering Light.

I smile in the dance of celestial nymphs,

As the joy of loving, engages my soul.

I am the resonance of zephyrs,

Whispering to stars of perennial freedom;

I am the peerless glamour of roses,

Not looking for faults in prickly thorns.

I paint rainbows on the ascent of meadows,

Gleaming with lush candescent lights.

I speak in bouquets and fragrant scents,

Serenading lovers with intimate secrets.

I am the sun and its lustre, merging as one,

Speaking to all of the grandeur of life.

I bathe in the joy of the soul’s Delight;

Bask in the sound, of the lute of Solitude.

- Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 2nd November, 2020


Wisdom of the Master

"Achieve something good inwardly. Countless people will get a tremendous inner uplift, from your very presence on earth." - Sri Chinmoy

"Have some sympathy for others! Do not get malicious pleasure, from hearing about their deplorable fate. Today you have escaped, but tomorrow, humiliation may be your name." - Sri Chinmoy

Love: sweetness, beauty, light ... delight


Only Love

You hid in the bouquet of flowers, as You still

Do in my Heart this hallowed moment. There

Was no telling how long You would stay then, for I was

Only eighteen and You were just a sweet thrill in my being.

Fast forward to adulthood and You’re the gleam

In my eyes; the scent of the magical bouquet

You often brought, as fresh as snow, hugging

The serenity of my existence, on moonlit evenings.

A lot has happened since, but Your mellifluous charm

Awakens me at dawn, allows me to hear the sweet

Magic of the nightingale’s ballad, as daybreak rushes

Towards me, walking on the magnificence of sunrise.

It’s been a good life, one not without its thorns as

Well as roses, but how else would I have realized,

That my cobwebs were only tinted glasses, to walk me

Though sunsets, into the Temple of tomorrow’s sun?

Now Your voice swings with the zephyrs, bringing

The eloquence and resonance, of a familiar symphony

I once knew; a concerto of haunting flutes, zithers

And violins, all laughing and dancing in my Spirit.

O Love, You were the scented breath, caressing

The epitome of my excellence. You’re in the

Breeze and in the leaves and foliage. The songs of sparrows

And starlings, bathing this Heart in Your pinnacle of sweetness,

Only for illumining, the peerless lantern of the soul.

- Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 24th September, 2020

The way ahead


Wisdom of the Master

"God gives us Light and He uses this Light in and through us for others." Sri Chinmoy

"Inner disobedience and outer unhappiness, are always found together." - Sri Chinmoy

"God measures and treasures not what I have said about Him, but what I have done for His creation." - Sri Chinmoy

Love alone

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