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Only Home

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hi i'm Gaby I hope you liked my poem. -Bye


Only Home

on a farm a girl and her friend,

spent an entire weekend,

to get out of marriage,

they tested there luck,

soon after they fell in love,

got married had kid,

the kid grew up,

got a family of its own,

left his parents all alone,

one night a light in the sky,

said ''its time to say good bye'',

he turned to his wife,

with her crying eyes then kissed her,

and said'' goodbye'',

in a flash of light he was gone,

then his wife went back home,

to the place she once had known,

a place of life and beauty,

deception and despair,

the place of love and hate.

by- Gaby Steves

© 2018 Gaby Steves