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Online Writer's Passion


Val enjoys writing prose in rhymes by always leaving a message of a life truism in each piece.


Motives for online writing are many, and they may not have a common denominator of monetizing our literary labor pains of geniuses. Namely, some of us are doing well in that department, whereas some others could make much more by greeting shoppers at Walmart entrance.

However, in both of the extremes, over a time we all start seeing it as quite a dear activity, almost to the extent of treating our laptop as a shrine.

And why not, I say. It's a clean fun -- of course, unless we get ourselves involved in some bitter discussions, usually over politics, with some insulting crap flying back and forth. Actually, yes, some folks of a seemingly chronic unpleasant disposition get carried away, not aware how all that crap is just hitting fan, with no one winning.

As for the rest of us, you might call us a "nice bunch", apparently delighting ourselves with socializing through comments. Actually, at times I am inclined to say that our written masterpieces are merely a medium being used for that socializing -- like a "password to each other's heart".

Well, think about it. Isn't it great turning your laptop on first thing in the morning, and still half-asleep to scare the cat away from your favorite chair by the desk, and be greeted by some flattering comments.

Now, not that your piece necessarily deserved much of those nice words, but that's not the point -- the point is that we got an excuse for exchanging our cyber friendliness.

And that, my friends, may be more than we are getting from our spouses, as they mumble that "Good morning", making it sound like a formality with an undertone saying: "Don't talk to me yet".

So, yes, that's what makes our little community of online writers so sweet experience -- as we may even write a boring ten-liner poem and still get those nice words of praise to which we reciprocate with something equally nice.

I should know, since there are days when I have nothing in particular to write about, but I still write, while just wondering where is that Muse when you need her. Today may be just one of such days, so bear with me, who knows maybe I even say something that makes some sense.

Silly or Not, Beats Watching Birds

Silly or Not, Beats Watching Birds

Having Fun Writing My Silly Rhyme

I am writing this silly rhyme

as I got nothing better to do

for it's better to kill the time

than wait for time to kill you.

I'll spare you of my playing smart

so don't expect it for Pete's sake

because even this yappy old fart

from time to time needs a break.

I'm itchy for a simplicity, not to preach

so I scratch my forehead for inspiration

because my ass is much too far to reach

with not a chance of difference in creation.

Thank you for asking, we are having a rain

and that's the biggest current cosmic event

but not to worry, it hasn't affected my brain

it's only how I choose a few moments spent.

I have written so many satires

their mood might get contagious

there's chance it probably backfires

as this one seems the least outrageous.

Well, I will pretend that I can't hear

how "the less I talk the better I sound"

so, to sound best ever, let me disappear

while I am finishing this silly rhyming round.

More Power to All Those Writing For a Profit.

More Power to All Those Writing For a Profit.

Those Writing for Daily Bread

Remember that job nine to five

with all efforts being just a routine

when at six it felt so good to be alive

what am I saying, you know what I mean.

Those days are gone and new boss is here

he doesn't care if you're waking up too late

and you don't get fired for having that beer

but his whip says it all -- create, and create!

No weekends exist for that writer with assignment

his mind unconsciously working twenty-four-seven

while so much of his life has gone out of alignment

at times getting up at six, and hitting bed at eleven.

Then it all turns into some crazy addiction

laptop becoming something of a shrine

with all of that just a big contradiction

as happy planning spells deadline.

Of course, this is merely an exaggeration

of a lazy writer who won't be annoyed

not understanding business elation

rather opting to stay unemployed.

Here We Go in the Same Direction With Our Followers.

Here We Go in the Same Direction With Our Followers.

Duffy Duck an Online Writer

We all know little greedy Duffy Duck

that character from Disney's cartoon

known to end up with bad money luck

in each and every single Looney Tune.

In one episode he was online writer

greedy as ever and hoping to get rich

his creative Muse was some real fighter

but never good enough for that money itch.

Then writing turned into his addiction

now with new hopes to satisfy his greed

he made himself silly hero in his own fiction

as praises, and more praises became his need.

Was it an excuse, or just some consolation

but rewards he got for writing turned funny

little bunch of friends was all of his creation

like Elmer Fudd, and of course, Bugs Bunny.

There they all were feeding each other's pride

in absence of rewards they secretly all wanted

something that greedy duck succeeded to hide

enjoying time with friends, not by greed haunted.

Being a sleepwalker he would come out at night

dreaming and yelling: "I am rich, I'm filthy rich!"

and you could still find him on that same site

happily socializing, with no reason to bitch.

© 2021 Val Karas

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