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Online Writer's Dilemmas: A Satirical Poem

Val enjoys writing his own style of what resembles poetry, just hoping to catch someone's heart on the same page.


If you are one that writes a lot

you spread yourself too thin

so it's more often than not

it doesn't make you win.

Then if you write a little

you may appear dried out

but even finding a golden middle

still is leaving you in kind of a doubt.

For, what topics to choose

those informative or a fiction

'cause either is bound to lose

if you miss some good depiction.

Then, how to choose a right style

trying to satisfy most every taste

for if you don't make them smile

your writing may go to the waste.

Should poetry be your main form

or long articles with a lots of picks

and what is to be seen as the norm

that is using some well tested tricks.

Could original be better than old themes

although hard for search engine to find

but just adding to the old, so it seems

looks worn out to everyone's mind.

O.K., I don't really know about you

but I gave up on strategies long ago

just being happy to express my view

not bothering to impress as some pro.

© 2021 Val Karas

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