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Gracefully you came into my life

Inched your way towards my unsuspecting heart

Like a lock to a key, or ketchup to mustard

Being with you completes me, no doubt.

Every millisecond's a bliss - that only a true love brings

Radiant. Enthused. Gay. Bemused. Supportive. Serene.

These indescribeable feelings fill my being.

Patiently, we planned out a life of togetherness

And to the red flags I saw, I kept my eyes wide shut

Couldn't quite bear it when, after 3 years,

You came out clean, out of love and respect you claimed

Nameless pain it brought me. My worst fears confirmed.

And so, I fled.

Still, to this day, 20+ years after

You're still the one I love - the only one who lives in my heart.