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One's Salad Day

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A smell sometimes makes us remember an old memory , a scene or a place will take you back in the time of the good old days.


I like the mist
Of morning dew,
In my bare face
As i walk through,
The foggy street
Infront of me,
Is like the future
That I can't see

I like scent
Of lemon trees,
The leaves are
Like our memories
Down the road
On Sunday morning
You withered away ,
But the tree still standing

I like the music
Of the rain drops falling
It reminds me that life,
Must keep on going
Remembering the past
Through the grilled window
The smell of gaslight,
And the hands of shadow

I like the stars on
December night
When the night's so dark,
the moon shines bright
The sparks in our eyes
is the only light,
And we count the stars,
As they fade in our sight

© 2020 Byeol

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