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One more day (poem, Poetry)

I am who I am. I write poetry and paint really badly. Please be patient.

Incisions, a reminder

Of an almost forgotten past

Memory fades

Almost bled dry

A mask hides it all

My true nature

My unsolved understanding

A mind in conflict

With a heart in pain.

Yet still I bleed

Inside and out…

Hemorrhaging emotion

Inconceivable thoughts

Yet too tired to carry them out.

How long can I hold on?

Sanity fades with memory

When will it happen?

How long can I hold on…

Body suffering

For heart’s mistake.

Emotions elude and deceive

Mask gone, the world sees

Nothing left to lose.

Fight!? Too tired

Can’t find reason

Looking for sanity

Bleeding forever

Never dieing…

© 2019 Wendy Engela