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One day at a time

Daydreaming nihilist. Code maniac with a coffee addiction. Music, movie buff. High functioning alcoholic.

The Spiral - WhoIsI

The Spiral - WhoIsI

Sometimes when the brain is loud
Loudest in the house
Yet bears no tongue, no mouth
Like heavy, fleeting clouds
That sail deep oceans without
A compass. Arcane whereabouts.
You anchor this ship. Shut it down.
And the past loses the crown
The future has yet to be found
My skin, my breath, my cell, every compound
Your smell, your body, this cane couch
The construct of space, time. Every ounce
Of colour boasting, blooming. Sounds
Of a distant chatter. This town.
The universe is breathing, alive. Unmount
The massive brain. Thoughts die. Around
Us the air is light. Our feet to the ground
Eyes to the sky. A smile overthrows my frown

Nothing to worry about

Just you and I, basking, living in the now.

© 2019 W h o I s I