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One Yard Away

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There Is Something So Nice

About looking at other peoples homes

How they decorate with their own style

If it is the colors of their house

The grass or the plants

The front door to the back door

I often dream what their plans are

How old the home is?

What their newest changes are

Maybe they are happy just the way it is

I like looking at their driveway

Sometimes it disappears around the corner

What is behind that brick wall?

Is that a pool in the back?

Some people like big trees or large shrubs

A flag hanging proudly out front

No matter where it is

Up on a hill or way down the bottom of a road

On a dead end street

I love to think of what people like

From a big yard to a small gravel driveway

An old rock wall that goes far and wide

A lovely garden filled with all kinds of plants

Maybe it was their family home

Where everyone still comes back to visit

When I see a grill

I wonder how many good meals were cooked

Then I see toys or a bike on the grass

I think back to when I was growing up

I had an old metal swing set and a plastic pool

That gave us years of enjoyment and kept us cool all summer long

Later both my brother and I got bikes

Which we rode many times

There are so many home shapes and styles

Both modern and old

I hope whichever it may be

It will hold your greatest childhood memories

Where your home is more than just a house

It is a place where lovely thoughts will make you happy

Long after you have moved on

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