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One Winged Butterfly

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I am an empath which means I can "feel" others emotions and feelings as well as put into words things others would find hard to understand.


I am the one winged butterfly.
I was cursed not to fly
Toward my delusion of stunning hopes
Nor i could walk the path of what i choose.
Here i am,
wandering around in your dreams
Captivated by the happiness lies in darkness
Yet your touch electrifies me
Saving me from keep drowning in fake fantasy

You saved me
The life was sparkling to me
But to you ache in agony
Mistakes happen
But it was a sweet mistake
That i would love to commit again
Slip into dream with you is a blessing
But the reality with you in it is what i crave for
To touch the real you
To whisper the words of love
To hold your hand

Come to reality
And i am yours
Our love is forbidden
That just makes me want you more
I keep it all hidden
My in-laws would treat me like an outlaw
But I don't think I can just sit and watch
From afar
Something as beautiful as you are
Forbidden love
Oh you shouldn't have forbade it
Cause if this is
Forbidden love
I won't rest until I've made it
If you hadn't made a rule to break
Oh I might just have obeyed it
Might just have obeyed it
For a while
I tell myself that I've moved on
But I'm still crazy about you
And just because I'm not allowed
Doesn't mean that I don't want to
I don't think I can just be your mate
Hell is the truth learned too late
I'd cover you in kisses
Hold you in my arms
That's all that I can think of
Every minute we're apart
Darlin' I've been livin'
For the moment that we touch
So I can cover you in kisses
And wrap you in my love
Full of loneliness
This garden is bloomed
Full of thorns
I hung myself in this sand castle
What is your name
Do you have a place to go
Oh could you tell me?
I saw you hidden in this garden
And I know
All of your warmth is true
I want to hold
Your hand picking the blue flower
It's my fate
Don't smile on me
Light on me
Because I can't come to you
There's no name you can call me
You know that I can't
Show you ME
Give you ME
I can't show you a run-down part of myself
But I still want you
Bloomed in a garden of loneliness
A flower that resembles you
I wanted to give it to you
After I take off this foolish mask

© 2018 Mark

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