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One Special Day In The Making

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Make It Happen

No matter what you plan on doing

Make it count

Find little things that make you happy

Without other peoples help

That can be a tough one

For me, it is writing and dreaming

I can do fun things and show creative ideas

The skies the limit

In work, I have to listen to my boss

I get paid to do the job they want and expect

Many times my work exceeds more than other people

Most co-workers get paid the same

If they do little or more work

So they do just enough to get by

I think that is sad

They have no personal pride and feel no obligation

I was raised differently

My parents instilled the philosophy

You are getting paid to do a job

Do the best job you can

Not once and awhile

Each and every time you come to work

It is frustrating watching other people

With their poor, I don't care attitudes

I stopped watching other people

I refocus my thoughts on my family life

What I plan on doing later

Tomorrow or next week

My list is endless

When work is over

I know I did a job to the best of my ability

I can hold my head high

I have no regrets

If the day comes I don't care

It's time to find another job

I believe those people who do less

Will develop those bad habits

That will carry on

To any job they do

To their personal life and friendships and relationships

Instead of a win-win

it is a lose-lose

Not much else to say

Except make your day an exception to the rule

Over time you might teach someone else

Management might learn something too

That we are more than just an employee number and a paycheck

We are people who try to do our best

Try so hard to make things work

Giving it our best

In return, the company may succeed in the toughest of times

They are good but so are so many other companies

In today's competitive market

Not because they have the best service and quality in the world

Because they have the best people in the world

That knows the meaning of raising the bar to a new standard

Going up and beyond what peoples expectations are

Then waiting for everyone else to catch up

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