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One Request For You

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One Request For You

Soft skin graces your smile

Eyes twinkled slowly

Like a fade flash in a documentary

With sensual walks on your lips

An angel I saw roaming about

A moment to melodies your voice

Like the smooth pillow

That sooth a child to sleep

A voice that still plays along

I was happy to memorize

Like it my favourite song.

On the seat with my blue pen

A white book, papers on the table

Crowned with fantasies of your slick body

Soft breeze whistling it's romance

As my clock ticks on quarter to eleven

Still dawning and I can't wait to hear

Your very word for me.

If you're thinking what I'm thinking

Why make me lie to you

Time stands still, add one to one

And you'll ride your one balloon in air

There are more words to say

But the best are kept below one's tongue

Will you give me your ear

Or eye for you are the one I'm writing this poem,

That said, this is my request for you.

© 2021 Joweda