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One Word of Encouragement


Nian loves to write poetry. She always wants to convey a beautiful message through her poetry.

I am writing this poem because of the present situation where people around the world are suffering with loss of health, wealth, life and many other losses. They becoming depressed, anxious and hard hearted. The only thing we all need are words of encouragement and hope, because one word of encouragement is more precious for someone who is struggling with mental health. So why don't we take a step to someone's life who is suffering with loss and feeling hopeless and try to make their life peaceful and happy.


We all are suffering in one way or another

Struggling everyday and every moment

suffering with different losses

Minds filled with negative thoughts,

becoming anxious and depressed

all we need are words of encouragement

As positive words can change someone's life in a very beautiful way

Its a source of healing and hope

so just say some positive words,

without waiting for another moment

Because these positive words are worth it

For someone who is feeling hopeless.

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