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Nightly Poems

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Since I was young I have always been fond of reading and writing. It is one the greatest sources of comfort for me.



Like the stars at noon waiting to shine,

Or the sun at midnight waiting to rise,

Everything takes place when the time is ripe.

So I sit here patiently,

Hoping to see your beautiful eyes,

Longing to hear your wonderful lies.


I wake up every morning,

Feeling hopeful and inspired;

I go to bed every night,

Feeling lost and defeated.

Always fighting the same battle,

Always losing the same war.

For the very same reason,



Inside a single universe,

Lying under the same blanket of stars.

Staring into an endless night,

Seeing the same things,

Yet thinking completely different thoughts.


I still see the same face,

But I remember a different feeling.

I still hear the same words,

But I find a different meaning.

A still recall the same gaze,

But I can sense that something is missing.


I want to ride the waves and go to a place

Where the rain doesn't bring sickness,

And where the cold doesn't bring sadness,

And where the wind doesn't carry painful memories.

© 2021 Joy

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