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One Of Those Days In This Lovely World

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Where Nothing is Out Of The Ordinary

Still wonderful and getting better and better

Time with each other

If we were a checklist

We checked all the boxes

If we were playing basketball

We scored a three-pointer

Then again if we were playing football

It is a hail mary

In baseball a triple play

At miniature golf a hole in one

The incredible thoughts and reasons to follow

After just celebrating twenty years married

Most people might fall into a rut

A pattern of the same old thing

Well, for me I am grateful

I have enjoyed so many years that have slipped bye

Now is the time

To create more magical moments

That lead to outstanding memories

Most of our lives are filled with day to day routines

Paying bills, fixing problems that come up out of the blue

Food shopping and today getting out of the ninety-degree heat

Working all week

Enjoying our time off

It might be watching a little t.v. or on the computer

Making the time to go out for a light lunch

Talking and discovering something new about each other

Just like a first date

Looking into each other's eyes

Acting like we are the only people in the room

Where small talk

Becomes everything we ever wanted

Talking about the future

How we congratulate each other

For working so hard

Returning home to our little slice of heaven

Nothing is ever perfect but it is as beautiful as it can get

Where my wife complains about the strangest things

Then I go my best to put out all the fires

A blind pimple on her head

It will gone before you know it

To a jar she can't open

That is what I am here for

I am her Superman

The refrigerator is too small or is it the freezer

My solution buy less food then we don't have to worry

We don't need a bigger one

I worry about nothing that seems to bother you

You curse when things don't go your way

I say all this doesn't really matter

Somebody didn't thank us

When we held up traffic to let them cut in

In an instant when your temperature rises

From a misplaced shopping list to an air conditioner that stopped working

We went shopping for another one

The air conditioner lasted seventeen years

That's a little over twenty-three dollars a year

Tell me again why you are complaining?

A bite on your neck

From an unfriendly bug

How dare he?

Quietly biting you when you weren't looking

Sometimes forgetting to water our plants and garden

Leaving it to look like a barren desert

Chasing a fly around the house

Exhausted, leaving it for our cat Charlotte to catch

Quickly trying to revive any plants that haven't shriveled up and wilted

Your sneakers giving you trouble

The humidity makes your body swell

Your left thumb is numb

A knee that doesn't want to cooperate

All this will pass

Take a beath

I don't think this list ever ends

I guess these little things keep us on our toes

It keeps us from the monotony of a humdrum day

I need a hug

Now a smile

That's what makes me happy for a long time

You can race around

Find troubles or wait till they will find you

I spend all my time

Celebrating happiness

The little bites that would fit in a snack size baggy

One day I hope they fill the huge contractor bags

Where we have to go through box after box

Then even after all that

We would run out of bags

Giving up on even trying

Since there are too many lovely times leftover

We will never get to the end

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