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One More Kiss


Please, Don't Stop

I know you are not going anywhere

How many ways can I say

I love that you are here

My mind races ahead with thoughts

With feelings and great passion

Your sweet voice whispering in my ear

I think of all the times we have spent together

Each one filled with beauty

Letting my imagination

Create something new and different

Time slipping away

As if we were in slow motion

Soon I will have nothing but a lovely memory


DREAM ON (author) on October 04, 2019:

Alexander James Guckenberger In life we make choices. If we make the right decisions they can lead to better choices. If we make the wrong decisions we can go in the wrong direction. A smart person will learn from his good and bad decisions. Hopefully, in their life do more good than bad. Then we can live a happy life. Thank you for finding me. Sharing is what life is all about. Have a great weekend.

Alexander James Guckenberger from Maryland, United States of America on October 03, 2019:


Thank you for your kind words. Please have many good days.

DREAM ON (author) on October 02, 2019:

Gypsy Rose Lee There are so many fascinating things about relationships and love that make the passion so great. We have to enjoy it while it lasts. Love comes in many forms and if you keep your eyes open it will also return. Thank you for reading and sharing. Home movies are the best. Call up a friend so you can watch them together. It's always good to share. You can bring back the laughs and the joys of those great moments. I know he is gone. It is better to watch his life unfold and look back at the great times. You are not forgetting him. You are doing the opposite. Remembering him in a very important part of your life. It is alright to live your life and appreciate and cherish him at the same time. Thank you for giving the most sincere times of our life.

Gypsy Rose Lee from Daytona Beach, Florida on September 30, 2019:

With true love it is that way you have it for what it seems like forever and then afterward you have the memories. Finally, I have vowed to myself that next Saturday I will start watching my old home movies but I will be prepared with some red wine for I know how I will feel hearing his voice again and seeing him larger than life

DREAM ON (author) on September 30, 2019:

Alexander James Guckenberger Good memories will live on. They make way for a lifetime of love. Thank you so much for being the first to leave a comment. May the memories fill your heart's desire. Have a great day tomorrow.

Alexander James Guckenberger from Maryland, United States of America on September 30, 2019:

I love making memories with women.

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