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One Million Tears


Poppy lives in Japan. She recently suffered a miscarriage and hopes her experience can help others.

We were two excited parents-to-be
On that day, October 9th.
We had no idea that it would be
The worst day of our lives.

The doctor's voice was serious,
As I lay there in the seat.
Then my heart was cleaved in two
When he said there was no heartbeat.


“There must be a mistake,” I thought,
“We’ll find it in a moment.”
But I saw you there in black and white,
And all remaining hope was broken.

“It’s not your fault,” were his kind words,
That fell on muffled ears.
As they looked on in sympathy,
I couldn’t stop the tears.


They gave to us your photograph,
We keep it safe at home.
It is the only one of you
That we will ever own.

I’m sorry I’ll never see you grow
Watch you sing or laugh or dance,
I’m sorry Mummy couldn’t protect you
From the cruelties of chance.


As I watch the sky, it‘s so unfair,
That you’ll never play or run,
Or enjoy my loving kisses,
Feel the warmth of the sun.

It’s silly, but I imagine you up there
With a tiny hand you're waving,
“It’s all right, Mummy,” you say to me,
“In the next world, I am waiting.”

Goodbye, my gorgeous darling.
We’ll meet one day, maybe.
Never will your parents forget,
The fleeting joy of our first baby.

© 2018 Poppy

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