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One Lonely Pea

It Was Never To Be

Soon as breakfast was over

Lunch had to be cooked and ready to eat

Many people eat without thinking

Making a meal as quickly as possible

Todays meal was a pork chop with a side of cut up potatoes

Green peas and apple sauce

A glass of ice cold water with two cherries

Chewing my food right before I swallow

When all my food was finished

A busy day ahead of us

With no time to waste

Sleeping later than expected

Made everything I had to do

Even more hurried than before

Love making even had to go on the back burner

It will have to wait for tonight

My wife leaving work ten minutes later than usual

I am still writing long after I should be on the road

Skipping a shower and giving myself a quick cat wash instead

Getting dressed and rushing to give myself a fast shave

Washing up a few dirty dishes

Making sure there is food for our cat Charlotte

Leaving the Google Mini on for her

So she will have music to listen to while we are gone

I cleaned her cat box

Went outside and added bird seed to the bird feeder that was left empty

In an effort to do all I could in one morning

I grabbed my winter coat, wallet, cell phone and keys

I glanced for one last look over my shoulder

I had missed a dish

My dish left over by the laptop

That's when I saw

I had left one pea

All alone next to a pile of pork bones

I reached down and picked it up between my two fingers

How could I have forgot about you ?

Then into my mouth you went

As if you were the most special thing of all

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