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One Less Work Day And One More Safe Drive

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It Seems Easy Enough

Go to work

Do a good job

Drive safely to and from work

Repeat as long as needed

There are many variations of this one scenario

Today like many other times it went without a hitch

It is such a nice feeling when things go well

I think we don't spend enough time

Highlighting all the good and giving ourselves the recognition we deserve

This gives us not only great satisfaction

For a job well done

There is a lot more

Pride and integrity

A positive attitude and a strong desire to do good

It sets the groundwork for things to come

In the near and far future

There is no need to change

We are on a direct course

Happiness and satisfaction are within reach

Now when I go to sleep tonight

I am sure my mind replays every moment of today

Scanning what I could have done differently

So next time I can be a little bit better

Then when I awake

I can lift my head high and forge ahead

Watching everyone around doing their own thing