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One Lemon Muffin And I Am Happy For The Rest Of The Night

You Have To Give A Lemon Muffin A Try

For years I had my favorite muffins

That delicious muffin loaded with blueberries in every piece

A chocolate chip muffin that melts after the first bite

A cranberry or bran muffin that is healthy for you

A banana nut muffin is the ultimate for me

I have never seen a lemon muffin before

They taste so good

I feel like I could eat the whole box

I don't want to brush my teeth after

I want the flavor to last as long as it can

It was great for a snack

Tomorrow I think I will grill one on the stove for breakfast

I am wondering if they could make the lemon muffin even better

Mixing it with chocolate chips or blueberries

I will have to do some experimenting on my own

Now that my taste buds our teased

I can't seem to put it out of my mind

I put one lemon muffin in a bowl and thought I will eat it with a fork

So I wouldn't get crumbs all over the laptop

After the first bite

I didn't want to stop eating

I could squeeze in one more lemon muffin before bed

Now that would be a little much don't you think?

Two muffins in less than an hour

I don't want to make a pig out of myself

Then again who is really going to know?

My wife may not notice

If she does, she may think I ate one earlier and much later another one

It's just my wife and me

So I can't eat the whole box of six

I could blame it on our cat Charlotte

That wouldn't work

She knows Charlotte never touched muffins before

Ahhh but we never had lemon muffins

I better go to bed and sleep it off

Better yet the sooner I go to sleep

The earlier I can get up for breakfast

A muffin is better for you than a donut

It doesn't give you that heavy feeling in your stomach afterward

My dreams are leaning towards all things made with lemon

We shall see

What will I dream of tonight

Large no super jumbo

You guessed it

Lemon muffins as big as a watermelon